websocket namespace issue behind apahce reverse proxy

  • fennng 

One of our projects is a websocket microservice. It runs well on the local environment. But after deploying on a azure VM, the client cannot connect to it.

After some investigation, I noticed that the problem was caused by web socket name space.

Because the service itself is behind a Apache proxy, a path is added to the domain similar to domain.com/virtualpath/

Apache will match the virtualpath and redirect the request to the correct service.

The service is not working because with socket.io, the virtualpath is treated as web socket namespace.

this.socket = io(‘https://domain.com/virtualpath/’});

But the server is expecting default namespace ‘/’.

The make this work, we have to rewrite this code as below:

this.socket = io(‘https://domain.com/’, { path: ‘/virtualpath/socket.io’});

This will tell web socket that the name space is the default one, but there is a virtual path to append to the domain for the websocket service.


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