It’s a must to upgrade the default vim 8.0 in Mac OS Mojave to Vim 8.1

  • fennng 

There were a lot of problems when I ran the default vim on Mac OS Mojave with my custom vim config and plugins.

Although the vim is still usable by pressing “Enter” key to by pass these errors, I would like to have it fixed so that I can use my fancy vim plugins.
Run brew install vim will install vim 8.1 for me (home-brew needs to be installed first)
After installing vim 8.1, I only got two errors now.

Which means the version matters a lot.
Open my vimrc file, notice the line 106 is unman , delete this line, the first error gone.
Then navigated to .vim folder and deleted the unite bundle, as I can’t remember what this plugin do.


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