nginx-proxy companion SSL generating issue.

  • fennng 

The following message has bothered me for quite a while. One thing I didn’t realize is that I have to run companion after nginx-proxy.

If I recreated nginx-proxy, I have too recreate companion too.

The reason is that when companion is created, it will mount the columns created by nginx-proxy. Because I recreated nginx-proxy without recreating the companion. I see the following message quite a lot.

Although I recreated companion after nginx-proxy, I still see the following message for some of my sub domains. Why not work? Still a myth.

Creating/renewal certificates… (
2019-03-21 06:57:34,726:INFO:simp_le:1479: Generating new certificate
private key
2019-03-21 06:57:37,845:ERROR:simp_le:1446: CA marked some of the
authorizations as invalid, which likely means it could not access Did you set correct path
in -d or –default_root? Are all your domains accessible
from the internet? Please check your domains’ DNS entries, your host’s
network/firewall setup and your webserver config. If a domain’s DNS entry
has both A and AAAA fields set up, some CAs such as Let’s Encrypt will
perform the challenge validation over IPv6. If your DNS provider does not
answer correctly to CAA records request, Let’s Encrypt won’t issue a
certificate for your domain (see
Failing authorizations:
Traceback (most recent call last):


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