How to print A4 adhesive Labels with Microsoft Publisher

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I bought a pack of 100 sheets A4 labels today for clearance price. The original price was around $55, I bought it for $1. I had no reason to buy it except it’s cheap. I bought it for fun.

To print on this kind of A4 Labels, use Microsoft Word is not a good idea, unless you have a correct template.

Read the back of the pack, it is compatible to Unistat 38936. Microsoft Publisher is the correct tool to use, and it has a lots of label templates.

There are many Unistat and other label templates. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Unistat 38936 template in MS publisher. I found a word template for 38936, but unistat website was dead, I couldn’t download it.

By looking to the thousands of build in template in MS publisher. I finally found the 100% compatible template Tanex 2020. Most of the Unistat model can be replaced by a compatible Tanex template.

Editing in Publisher and print it out. You can also save it as PDF and print it from any computer.

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