Remote desktop without setting up VPN on client machine, use a middle man

  • fennng 

I setup my VPN on both of my mac os and Windows. I usually work on my Mac OS. The VPN and remote desktop is working fine.

Today is a bit cold. I work with my surface pro in the bed. But suddenly, the remote desktop via VPN stop working. The VPN can be connected, but I couldn’t ping my PC in office.

I don’t have time to do the troubleshooting. While my mac os is working fine, I decide to use it as a middle man to connect to my office PC.
Only one command is needed to make this work.

putty -L fengnz@fengmac-2

I use putty instead of openSSH on windows.

What this command does is forwarding the connection to my local port 1234 to’s 3389 port via my mac os. is my office pc’s IP. 3389 is the remote desktop port.

Then start remote desktop client and connect to

You may need to change the login account. The login account should contains office network’s name. For example, company/username


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