Dropbox selective sync on Ubuntu using Dropbox CLI

  • fennng 
#To install dropbox cli, run

sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox

#To login to your dropbox

dropbox start -i

#Now a url will be provided, paste this url to your favorite browser and allow the sync.
#Now start the dropbox deamon by
dropbox start

#Your dropbox account are now linked to your ubuntu.

#Now enter your dropbox folder
cd Dropbox
#Then run this command to exclude all the folders
dropbox exclude add *

#This will exclude all the folders to be sync, except files under Dropbox root folder.
#Now start including your selective sync folders.

dropbox exclude remove fengubuntu

#Hint: You can use --help to get help of a sub command, for example, dropbox exclude --help will show your how to use dropbox exclude command.


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