Fiddler-Orchestra in docker

  • fennng 

This .net core version of fiddler which can be run in a docker container. It can also connect to Fiddler’s Orchestra Controller to display traffic on Form(original) Fiddler. If you are a fiddler fan, you gotta like this.

For more info:

To run:

docker run –name fiddler -d –rm -p 8801:8801 -p 8855:8855 -p 8866:8866 -p 8877:8877 fennng/fiddler-orchestra

Then navigate to


You can config the settings from Web UI

To stop:
docker stop fiddler


You cannot connect Fiddler’s Orchestra Controller directly because it’s so far only bound to localhost.
Follow this step to enable viewer Orchestra’s log in Fiddler: (I am assuming that you already know Fiddler well)

Control + Alt + F to bring Fiddler to front.
Alt+Q to enter QuickExec mode
Enter this code:
!listen 36363
Then hit enter.

Now your fiddler is listening to 36363. Make sure you enable “Allow remote computers to connect” in Fiddler option as well.

In your Fiddler’s script, add

if (oSession.port == 36363){ = “localhost:3636”;

this code to OnBeforeRequest method.

Your Fiddler needs to have a public IP for the client to connect to.

Unless, If you are running Fiddler on a windows host which is running the docker as well. You can use the DockerNAT Ip, in my case is

In Fiddler Orchestra’s “Orchestra Connection” page, put your Fiddler’s IP and port number 36363.

Now, you are able to see all the traffic from your Fiddler. Setting Fiddler Orchestra as a reverse proxy opens the door for remote debugging.



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