Hyper V VM with 16:9 resolution

  • fennng 
I have a windows XP VM installed in Hyper V.  I would like to record a session within the VM, but I couldn't set the screen resolution to 1080×720. 
I then enabled remote desktop in the VM.
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Then everything works perfectly. 
Inline image 4
Inline image 3
I have to run the screen recorder from the host machine. When I ran it within the VM, the mouse doesn't work well.
I am trying to attach my android phone to the VM, but failed. 
I also tried the remote desktop Pnp device, didn't help.
Inline image 5
Comparing to VMWare Workstation, Hyper-V gave me a lot of troubles.  I would rather leave it for now, I am going back to virtual box.


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