Azure Container Instance Play Around

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To start with Azure Container Instance, we will need to install Azure CLI tool, which is a tool to manage Azure from the command line.
I installed Azure CLI on my Mac OS EI Capitan 
brew update && brew install azure-cli
then encountered this error:

Follow the instruction to install Xcode Command Line tools
Click on Install and agree with the agreement
It will take a while to download
Run again
brew update && brew install azure-cli
The following dependencies will be installed:
openssl, sqlite, gdbm, python3
Once finished, use the following command to login to your azure account.
az login

Follow the instruction to login from browser

Once done, you can close the browser window

Then you will be able to see your subscription from the command line

Then run the following command to create a new resource group
az group create –name testACI –location eastus

Then run
az container create –name simpleservice –image magneticio/simpleservice:1.0.0 –resource-group testACI –ip-address public –port 3000
to create a service
You can always run the following command to see the service detail
 az container show –name simpleservice –resource-group testACI
Find ip address and port number from the output
Now try to browse it from the browser
How to host my own stuff? Leave it next time!


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